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An Exploration of Opportunities in the Creator Economy
FiP11 - Finding the 'Hair on Fire' Problem, Burnout Signs and the Ultimate Conference HackListen now (24 min) | Reading time - 2 minutes
Guest Episode: Reinventing Yourself with Shaun GoldListen now (58 min) | Shaun is a living polymath. 2x best-selling author, entrepreneur, speaker, startup mentor, screenwriter, Jeopardy contestant, and…
FiP10 - 🎙 Guest Interviews Coming, 🚀 Release of our creator search tool and 🎧 Immersive fiction podcast projectListen now (15 min) | Is some update better than no update?
Firing bullets before Cannonballs
FiP #8 - 👩‍✈️ Pilot Progress, 🚀 V1 Live, 📣Sharing in publicListen now (19 min) | And we are live!
FiP #7 - 🗓 Lasso v1 launch plan,✍️ writing for a16z and 📈 Sequoia ArcListen now (19 min) | The plan is coming together
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Founding in Public