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Love the new name. For designers, I think it will remind them of the Lasso tool in Photoshop 😄

I checked your PH post about playbooks and I've come across a few cool ones which you might find inspirational.




Personally, I prefer playbooks with text and video which are organized into chapters (that are not too large in which the playbook becomes a book!). One tool I know of for managing playbooks or guides is https://beacon.by/

I noticed that you have used different frameworks for user research throughout the previous posts and case studies. I am curious if you do recontact the potential users you interview to fill in this extra piece of data you need such as a survey or how do you go about it?

I find the Opportunity Tree useful because when I've interviewed potential users sometimes the problem they have is vague and there could be a number of solutions to it. I think understanding a specific outcome they need will bring more clarity. However, I'm not sure how I should determine the "Opportunity" and "Solution" parts of this framework. Are these things to brainstorm on or to be derived from specific data sources?

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