Hi Ian, thanks for sharing!

Personally I don't think anybody should go looking for a problem, it should be something that unearths itself organically through life experiences. What you can be though is more aware in your day to day activities, be that at work or at home.

Think about inputting hundreds of things into an excel sheet. Something that could be better solved using some type of automation software. Generally people will move through their day without being affected by these minor or even major irritations. It's really important to be purposefully aware, combined with an entrepreneurial mindset, to pick up on these nuances and think "Hey, this is a real problem that could be solved in a better way. I wonder if anybody else is already solving this 🤔".

So to answer your question (and in my opinion):

1. Discover a problem through lived experiences

2. Is anybody already solving this problem? If yes, can I do it 10x better?

3. Figure out the size of the market for this problem

4. Start talking to some potential customers to validate the problem 😄

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