"I asked myself how excited I could get about improving operational support. Unfortunately, the answer was not very."

LOVE it 🤣

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Great one, Ian! I really liked this case study because it's the most detailed on the user interviews steps you took compared to the previous ones. Another interesting part about it is sharing your thought process on what made you ditch the idea although the data proved otherwise. This stage in particular is a point of hesitation for many according to stories I've read on Indie Hackers.

Looking at the survey results, I think there are many pain points which seem to overlap with not high-enough voting for one specific problem from respondents. They seem to have issues in many areas and would need a complex product to solve them.

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Hey Ian, Amazing Podcast, very insightful, would love to hear in general what made Planhat a tool of choice for the people you interviewed, was there something that was truly differentiated them from the competition ?

Disclaimer: I am currently a PM as Gainsight :)

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